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Chuang Xiong group is a professional manufacturing and sales company of wire and cable. The new location of the company is located in the beautiful and economically developed high-tech industrial park of Shenzhen Economic Development Zone, with well-developed logistics and convenient transportation. The company has modern industrial production base, advanced wire and cable manufacturing and testing equipment, a number of high-quality production managers and skilled production technology backbone, with strong technical force, super production and supply capacity.

The main cables produced and sold are as follows: 35kV and below power cable, control cable, flame retardant cable, fire resistant cable, mineral insulated cable, flexible fireproof cable, shielded cable, branch cable and low voltage wire, communication, signal line, low smoke low (no) halogen wire and cable, high temperature resistance, waterproof and so on, thousands of specifications. The products strictly carry out international standards (IEC), national standard (GB) and mechanical department standard (JB), carry out strict process testing and stringent factory inspection. The products have passed the Chinese national mandatory CCC certification, and won the "Guangdong province famous trademark", "Guangdong province heavy contract and trustworthy enterprise", "national consumer recognized satisfactory products", "Chinese name" "Brand product", "first choice product of engineering construction", "China famous brand" and other honors.

Innovative breakthroughs in many aspects of wire and cable in China
Order management of power cable line
What are the serious consequences of the construction quality of cable head?

Address: Chuang Xiong Industrial Park, min Zhi Avenue, Longhua District, Shenzhen.

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